Customers looking for the internet support

RakuRaku Homenet as an Internet Setting Field Service

We rakuraku-homenet provide you with confortable internet conections upon your order

For customers who are looking for internet setting field service.

We provide field service including resolving any troubles regarding the internet.When you don't know how to set up the internet  equipment or encounter some troubles that you can't handle,our engineer who can speak English well will be able to help you.

Services such network equipemt as the router,the wireless lan,the pet camera are now supported  visiting either your home or office for companies and we are ready to leave for the site immediately.


Internet setting

Want to enjoy Facebook or Youtube through the internet.

Device Purchase

Purchasing accomodate network devices instead of you

If you need a network device,we are able to purchase it instead of you.

Wi-Fi Repeater

Repeater can widen a Wi-Fi reachable area

The range of Wi-Fi can be extended.Requiring unusual setting,it should be set up by a professional.

Are there any concerns regarding the internet?

Feel free to contact us in case neither PC nor Smartphone can properly use the internet,mail service,or wireless lan.Our skillful staff will sincerely deal with them!!

■Compatible manufacturers


■Compatible OS(example)


Device Purchase

Purchasing accomodate network devices instead of you

When you'd like to start using the wireless lan or the pet camera and etc. in your house,we offer a recommend device to you.If what to buy bothers you,we would support it instead and arrange it for you. You can rely on our professional service.


※Device fee and setup cost will be provided in terms of an inquire.

※Contract with the service provider by yourself is required before calling us.

■compatible manufacturers


After Changing Residence, Ask Us for the Internet.

After moving somewhere else, we will creat a confortable network environment for your house or room.

After contracting the internet with the service provider,call us and router,PC, as well as tablet in our house will be all set up by our staff.If you have any idea how to use them.let us know.

For instance

・Connectivity to TV watching the on demand service

・Connectivity to Gaming

・Pet camera in your absence.

and so on.


※Contract with the service provider by yourself is required before calling us.

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Rapidly support in Toshima,Nerima,Itabashi,Shinjuku.

We only serve our service in 23 wards of Tokyo.

Because of community-based service,the rapidly support is limited in some area of Tokyo.we are to expand areas.sorry for your inconvenience.


Furthermore,other areas in Tokyo are available.


You can see supported case in visiting each areas.

If you have any concern, feel free to ask our staff

Polite and gracious staff in suit will visit your house.Then they'll explain the time of needs and the work procedure.


Staff with business etiquette will ensure 100% customer satisfaction.After checking out the place and work,you  can leave it to us!!

Feel Free to Contact Us for Any Concerns

Inquiries are Free of Charge

Consult your concerns to us with a phone.We will support you with an understandable explanation.

 We are serving the introductions for appropriate support and service plan by highly-qualified staff who can speak English well.

 For the sake of customers who are absent in daytime,we provide service not merely at night but on weekend to adjust your schedule.

 Work fee will be informed via phone call in advance so that additional cost won't be charged.

 Besides,with after support,you can surf the internet with no concerns.


Contact number (exclusively for service inquire or offering)

050-6869-4929 business hours9:00-21:00 Except New Year holidays.

※Just one tapping number in case of smartphones and you can call us quickly.

※No sales phone,No prank call.